Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely! We think you'll love the improvements to your profile. If you don't we'll give you a full refund.

I'm still not clear on what exactly doppl does. Can you explain differently?

Whether you choose Renew, Refresh, or even Review we will help you get the best dating profile possible so you can meet people you like.
Of course. If you choose to hire one yourself we'll work with the photos you receive. However, our photographers are trained to take the type of photos you want to see in a profile so that will give you the best results.

Won't photos from a photoshoot look unnatural on a dating profile?

They don't have to! Plausibly candid shots are hard but every photographer in our network was selected for their compatible style and then goes through detailed instruction so they know exactly what we need to capture at each photoshoot. Plus, we'll send you a list of tips and tricks to read before the shoot.

How are photoshoots coordinated?

All you need to do is give us a few time slots that work for you and your address. We'll match you with one of our photographers and handle all correspondence.

Do you reuse prompt answers?

Nope. Every bio and prompt answer comes from the interview we have with you. Each client gets a blank slate because a funny answer isn't enough. We aim to deliver writing that not only makes the reader laugh but also says a lot about who you are as an individual.

How can changing my profile directly help my dating results?

The secret to dating apps is that you don't even get to see many of the people currently using them. When you join, an algorithm decides how desirable you are based on how many people show an interest in you. The reason they do this is so users that are considered more desirable won't have to swipe through a hundred profiles to see someone they would consider. What this means practically is that if you aren't seeing people you like it's because you're not presenting well enough in your profile.

What makes doppl better at choosing my best photos than I am?

We don't just eyeball it. Your photos go through minor edits before A/B testing in front of many people similar to your ideal audience. Having your photos ranked by strangers is important because you, knowing yourself very well, see yourself in photos with too much information. For example, you see yourself in a photo where you're making a serious face and know that you're an incredibly lighthearted person so you see that photo as playful. Someone with no background may think you look very serious.

How long does the entire process usually take?

Review will generally be finished within 48 hours of the photo upload. Refresh can take up to 3 days after photos are uploaded and the interview is completed. Renew can take up to 4 days after photos are uploaded and the interview and photoshoot are completed.