About us

We're making dating apps work for everyone.

Doppl's team was built around the idea that dating apps are flawed. Like the SATs and job resumes, your ability to create an appealing profile and make a great digital first impression isn't fully representative of who you are in real life.

Our team

Get to Know Us

Micherre Fox

Micherre spent half a decade at a financial startup, eventually becoming a junior principal, immediately after finishing her undergraduate degree. She then finished a program in software engineering and started doppl.

Sarah H.
Customer Support

Amelia W.

Lily T.

Mia M.

Katharine B.

young caucasian brunette smiling at camera

Rikesh D.
Software Engineer

Under the Hood: Writers

Our writers hail from a variety of ages, races, gender identifications, and locations and we leverage that with a round table approach. If one team member finds themselves out of their comfort zone you can rest assured they have the resources to consistently deliver great results by crowdsourcing the solution.

Under the Hood: Photographers

Our photographers are based in every city and suburb in the US. Every shutterbug we recruit to our mission comes in with a portfolio that fits our style and then goes through a thorough introductory process that ensures they start off with a great understanding of what a good profile photo looks like.